2022 Skincare Trends, as predicted by Dr Nikolic of SkinMiles

| January 4, 2022

The skincare industry is constantly evolving as beauty brands keep up with the latest research and developments in the quest for perfect skin. So what can we expect the 2022 skincare trends to be? W&H chats to renowned specialist in aesthetic medicine, and owner of bespoke online store SkinMiles, Dr Alek Nikolic. He shares what skincare products he predicts will be making waves next year.
2022 Skincare Trends: Multifunctional Products
Why spend your money on loads of products when one could do the job? Dr Nikolic predicts that simple skincare routines with minimal steps will be a big 2022 skincare trend.
‘We’re seeing that our customers want to opt for a few really good products that get the job done, rather than having to invest in multiple products. We just don’t have the time anymore!’ says Dr Nikolic. This doesn’t mean trying new products is out of the question as Dr Nikolic notes that consumers are still interested in trying what is new. ‘Expect more product options, but a shorter skincare routine.’
Interestingly, part of the multifunctional 2022 skincare trend has much to do with our extended screentime. Dr Nikolic says we’ll be seeing a bigger demand for skincare products containing blue screen protection in the future.
Here are Dr Nikolic’s multifunctional product recommendations
• sk.in gloss | radiant shot: a combination of vitamin C with skin barrier repair Ingredients
• sk.in bounce | combo shot: a combination vitamin c with retinol and skin barrier repair Ingredients
• sk.in flash 2 | repair shot: a combination retinol with skin barrier repair Ingredients


2022 Skincare Trends:

CBD and Hemp Products
This 2022 skincare trend speaks to the growing want for cleaner, more natural products. Consumers want less chemicals and less of an impact on the environment. The use of CBD and hemp in skincare has gradually been gaining traction and it is here to stay. ‘We will continue to see a strong focus in this category, especially with the aim of glowing skin following our COVID “hibernation”,’ says Dr Nikolic.

Here are Dr Nikolic’s CBD product recommendations
◦ OLIO Firming Serum – With CBD
◦ AFRAKARI Soothing Marula CBD Elixir


2022 Skincare Trends: At-Home Treatments
Skincare brands and salons have felt the pinch during the pandemic which resulted in a pivot when it comes to treatments. ‘As we head into the new year we can look forward to a greater use of at-home treatments, such as chemical peels and technology based devices,’ says Dr Nikolic. This is great news for those who could never find enough time for regular salon appointments!
As one of the 2022 skincare trends we can expect to see more brands offering at-home professional treatments. But, this doesn’t mean we won’t be needing salons anymore! More people may be open to trying treatments at home, however it is unlikely that people will ever stop going to salons. Dr Nikolic suggests that the at-home treatments will simply act as an ‘added-extra’ to skincare routines.
Here are Dr Nikolic’s recommendations for at-home treatments
• sk.in avenge | glyco-10
• KSURGERY LABORATORIES Overnight Biphasic Peeling
• NEOSTRATA Smooth Surface Glycolic Peel


2022 Skincare Trends: Sustainable Products
With summer months ahead you might have noticed the growth in popularity of reef-safe SPF products. The world is moving towards a greener and cleaner state of mind, and so are the 2022 skincare trends.
Brands are shifting toward a more eco-conscious approach when it comes to both skincare ingredients and packaging. It’s all thanks to an  increase in demand for clean beauty. Consumer knowledge on ingredients is expanding too, creating a market who want to know they are doing their bit in helping the environment.
Dr Nikolic also notes how in 2021 one of the biggest beauty shifts was ‘skinimalism’ – a ‘less is more’ approach to skincare. ‘”Skinimalism’ is definitely a thing. This year we saw more people adopting minimalistic skincare routines and this trend will continue into 2022.’ says Dr Nikolic.

Here are Dr Nikolic’s environmentally conscious SPF recommendations
• SKINCEUTICALS Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50
• MINERAL FUSION Brush-On Sun Defense SPF 30
• COLORESCIENCE Sunforgettable Mineral Sunscreen Brush SPF 50 Medium
• COLORESCIENCE Sunforgettable Total Protection Face Shield SPF 50 Flex


Welcome to SkinMiles
Skin Miles is the brainchild of Dr Alek Nikolic and his main aim is to deliver, directly to your door, the highest quality skin care products.
Dr Alek: “I not only want to offer everyone the ability to purchase quality skin care products that we have tested in my own practice for a number of years but I also want to be able to offer these products at the most affordable price possible”.
Our team here at Skin Miles are a group of friends with a combined passion for skincare – but not just any kind of skin care, only the kind that works!
That’s our Skin Miles Guarantee to you so welcome to our Exclusive Club: skinmiles.com
It seems that in today’s world we are constantly bombarded with the ‘latest and greatest new product’ for almost everything, and sometimes it becomes confusing about what we should use on our skins.
Here at Skin Miles we know that people are serious about investing in their skincare and we are too, and that is why all the products we offer have gone through clinical trials to prove they do what they say they do.
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