Beauté Pacifique: SYMPHONIQUE – Anti-Age Eye Crème

| February 4, 2022

Beauté Pacifique NEW SYMPHONIQUE  – Anti-Age Eye Crème – The ‘Botox’ effect will leave your Amazed!

Total rejuvenation of your Eye Zone appearance in just 15 minutes by filling in non-nutritive sugar molecules into your wrinkles and fine lines. Provides six anti-aging Vitamin A types for maximum effect supported by both Botulinum-toxin mimicking and anti-oxidative ingredients. A Symphony of 35 Skin Perfecting Ingredients.

Nothing Compares…

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The International EuroLaboratories of Beauté Pacifique proudly present: SYMPHONIQUE – a patented breakthrough in dermatological research offering unsurpassed and completely new anti-age properties. The series consists of four highly active products and are suited for age 45+. Symphonique combines the newest knowledge in dermatological research with effective ingredients that come together in a beautiful symphony.


After four years of medical development, Symphonique is considered the crème de la crème within active anti-age skin care –a true masterpiece!
Serum Symphonique – A serum that combines a moisture boost with advanced anti-aging peptide technology. The serum includes two forms of Hyaluronic acid that ensures perfect hydration throughout the entire day. This enhanced level of Hyaluronic acid is further increased by two peptides that improve the skin’s own production of Hyaluronic acid leaving the skin smooth and plump. A third peptide strengthens the skin’s defence against damage from both visible and invisible light. This oil-free serum contains Beauté Pacifique’ s own Papain-based exfoliation concept that ensures optimal penetration of the active ingredients. Serum Symphonique is perfume free and has a light consistency that instantly absorbs into the skin. It leaves the skin hydrated and glowing and primes the skin perfectly for application of day cream and make-up.
Crème Symphonique Day-Time – This super-moisturizer rejuvenates and revitalizes like no other. The hydrating and nourishing ingredients are activated and slow-released within the skin all day long. Symphonique Day-Time is perfume free and has a light consistency that is easy to distribute over the skin and penetrates instantly. The series creates the optimal anti-age care system for mature skin.


Crème Symphonique Night-Time – This advanced medical-grade night cream is made up of six types of Vitamin A – never seen in skin care before, this product is the flagship, patented product in the range. It provides an instant collagen rebuilding anti-age effect while placing a deposit of Vitamin A within the skin. This deposit gets slow-released during the night-time, providing the skin with just the right dosage of Vitamin A continuously, while you sleep. Due to Beauté Pacifique’ s well-documented Squalane-based nano technology, Vitamin A penetrates into the elastic fibre network in the dermis and therefore rebuilds and strengthens – resulting in a real rejuvenation. Together with over 60 caring and nourishing active ingredients, they create a symphony that provides optimal care for mature skin. The mild and pleasant perfume and the light consistency mean your night is pure luxury.
CRÈME SYMPHONIQUE EYE ZONE GEL – Anti-age Eye Zone Therapy – This advanced Anti-Age Gel rejuvenates your Eye Zone in just 15 minutes by filling in completely pure marine exopolysaccharides into your wrinkles and fine lines. The entire Symphonique patented concept provides a six-pack of highly active Vitamin A types for maximum anti-age effect and is additionally supported by both Botulinum-toxin mimicking and anti-oxidative ingredients.



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