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Global Wellness Day (GWD) Headquarter announced #ThinkMagenta as the theme of Global Wellness Day, which will be celebrated on Saturday June 11, 2022.

In 2022 Global Wellness Day will incorporate the theme by inviting people to #ThinkMagenta, recommending simple but effective affirmations, reminding people that living well begins in the mind. When you know where to look, there is a good side to even the toughest days. We want to spread the #ThinkMagenta philosophy within communities and beyond.


Message from Emmy Stoltz GWD Ambassador for South Africa

11th Annual GLOBAL WELLNESS DAY Celebration,
Saturday, June 11, 2022

Celebrated in over tens of thousands of locations around the world with entirely complimentary activities with the #ThinkMagenta theme.

#ThinkMagenta is an idea that rises amidst the negativity in the world, a reminder with a positive effect on life. This year 130 Global Wellness Day Ambassadors, Key Supporters, Advisors and volunteers will work together to change people’s lives in a positive way and to add colour to their thoughts.

Global Wellness Day Supporters are more eager than ever to celebrate positivity and to promote wellness together for Global Wellness Day 2022.

Besides the 3 hour on line GWD Presentations from around the world, South Africa will also be doing their bit to promote positivity, wellness and complimentary events from the tip of Africa. Here are some of the events and planned items for 2022 which form the basis of the complementary activities on offer:


  • Counting your Steps on GWD – A challenge for anyone and everyone right across SA to do.

  • Wearing Magenta on GWD 11 June 2022 to promote positivity

  • Staff wellness Initiatives for various teams around the country for the whole week before GWD.

  • Promoting healthy living and the GWD manifest to change to healthier habits

  • Hiking Events around the Country, from beachfronts, to mountains

  • Online Sophrology Exercise for Stress, Anxiety and Depression – specially to support Children

  • Online Sound Therapy Workshop via the GWD SA Facebook Page

  • Online Exercise Sessions

  • Online Yoga Sessions

  • Fun walks with family

  • Collecting rubbish and tidying up nature events

  • Doing a good deed for someone who needs your support

  • Challenge your friends to sharing the best family meal pictures on the day

  • Events to promote Wellness and Positive Family Life ( And we would like to see you wearing Magenta of course)

  • Watching the 3-hour live stream via the GWD main FB page

  • Promoting Wellness Foods around the world sees our participation with one of the renowned SA Chefs also judging this fabulous initiative.  Look out for our healthy South African dish, a lovely Lentil Bobotie to be published in a free download soon.

  • Promoting Wellness Drinks around the world sees our submission of Rooibos Iced Tea as a truly healthy South African drink. Again another free down load coming your way.

  • Wellness events from Spas and Salons across South Africa & Africa will be hosting some exciting events and taking time out to promote wellness and wellbeing for staff and guests.

Thank you to The Views, Amani Spas, The Saxon Hotel Spa, The Drostdy Hotel and Spa, The Cape Grace, Matsimela Spa, Beauty Training Institute – BTI, Oukelele Spa – Namibia, Fordoun Spa, Tzaneen Country Lodge, Camelots Spas, Senses Wellness Institute, Turkish Hammam & Spa, & The Oyster Box to name a few who have committed their support for this year.

If you would like more information, do not hesitate to contact Emmy Stoltz GWD Ambassador for South Africa. Email

For merchandising material for your GWD event, contact Emmy Stoltz or the SA Spa Association on : Balloons, Buttons and Wrist Bands are available.

You can also download more information from GWD Webpage

Tel   : +27 (0) 83 407 8280
E-Mail : <>
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From Belgin Askoy, Founder of GWD

#ThinkMagenta is simple to do whether at home, in the office or outside. It all starts with three extremely easy steps – stop, breathe and smile. In stressful, anxious, tense and negative moments, #ThinkMagenta provides a very simple way to disperse the dark clouds. Stop what you are doing and calm down. Take a deep breath and exhale; even one breath is enough. Afterwards, immediately smile – smile in spite of everything.

Here are compiled a set of suggestions that encourages everyone to think positively, small recommendations that can make a substantial difference in everyone’s daily life, gathered under five simple headings:


• Let Global Wellness Day’s Manifesto be your compass in life.
• Walk for an hour.
• Drink more water.
• Don’t use plastic bottles.
• Eat healthy food.
• Do a good deed.
• Have a family dinner with your loved ones.
• Sleep at 10 pm.
• Use the right words.
• Simplify your life.
• Be open to different experiences.
• Share the goodness.


Founded in 2012, GWD is an entirely not-for-profit day celebrated on the second Saturday of every June in over tens and thousands of locations around the world. All participatory activities are completely complimentary. As a wellness movement that has brought the world together in an inspiring mission, Global Wellness Day continues to strengthen its influence with the support of TRH Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle who have recognized GWD as one of 15 inspiring “Forces for Change” social responsibility projects; mega-celebrity, media mogul and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey; Turkish-American Cardiothoracic Surgeon and the host of The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Mehmet Oz; and many other Hollywood stars, A-list authors, world-renowned athletes, musicians, business executives and entrepreneurs, private companies, multi-national hotel corporations and governments.


For merchandising material for your GWD event, contact Emmy Stoltz or the SA Spa Association on : Balloons, Buttons and Wrist Bands are available.

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