8 Ways to Use Glycolic Acid in Your Skin Care Regimen

| March 25, 2022

Glycolic acid is not new to skincare – we see it in home-care products and in-salon chemical peels – but not everyone knows how effective it can be as part of your daily regimen.

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What Is Glycolic Acid?

Glycolic acid is a water-soluble alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) derived from sugar cane, and is the most commonly used AHAs in skincare products. They are natural “fruit acids” derived from plants with tiny molecules that are easy for the skin to absorb.


How do they work?

Glycolic acid works by speeding up cell turnover. They dissolve the bonds that hold skin cells together. In effect, your skin is able to shed dead skin cells more quickly than it would on its own. It also stimulates new cell generation, resulting in improved skin texture, tone and a brighter complexion. Glycolic acid also stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, and with continuous use, glycolic acid can accelerate skin healing and reduce signs of environmental damage.


Some Dermatologists choose glycolic acid to improve skin problem like blackheads, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, psoriasis, keratosis pilaris and hyperkeratosis, among others. It also removes excess oil, just as it relieves dry and scaly skin conditions.


What It Does for Your Skin

Glycolic acid is a very popular treatment for many reasons, including:

· Anti-aging: It smooths fine wrinkles and improves the skin’s tone and texture.

· Hydration: It plumps the skin and prevents it from getting dry.

· Sun damage: It fades dark patches caused by sun damage and protects collagen

from the sun.

· Complexion: It brightens the skin when used regularly.

· Exfoliation: It prevents ingrown hairs and makes pores appear smaller by helping the

skin shed dead skin cells.

· Acne: It cleans out pores to prevent comedones (blackheads) and inflamed



How to Use Glycolic Acid

Now that you know how glycolic acid work, let’s see how they can work for you.

1. AGELESS total facial cleanser

This revitalizing cleanser jumpstarts exfoliation and helps to reveal smooth, refined skin. As it removes makeup and impurities, the glycolic-based formula sweeps away dead skin build-up and helps to decongest clogged pores for the look of increased clarity and radiance. With an invigorating, cooling burst of menthol, it refreshes and wakes up dull, tired skin.


Why it work – Exfoliates as it cleanses for smoother skin. Glycolic acid gently revitalizes and helps to reveal brighter, more even-toned skin. It also helps to decongest clogged pores and supports the look of skin clarity. Refreshes and cools the skin


2. AGELESS total repair creme

This age-defying crème diminishes dullness and supports the look of youthful, smooth skin. Its dual resurfacing system features glycolic acid and time-released, encapsulated retinol to fight the appearance of wrinkles, uneven texture and tone.


Why it works – Combats the appearance of signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, dullness and uneven skin tone and texture. The blend of retinol and glycolic acid helps to improve the look of dullness, revealing smooth, healthy-looking skin

Formulated with encapsulated, time-released retinol for effective delivery and promotes the look of firmness, tone and elasticity


3. AGELESS total retinol overnight masque

Revolutionary science meets the proven anti-aging benefits of retinol. This breakthrough treatment masque transforms skin’s appearance while you sleep. Multi-action technology continuously releases hydrating microspheres of marine collagen to lock in moisture and delivers retinol deep into the skin to support intensive collagen remodelling.


Why it works – Supports collagen synthesis while preventing moisture loss from the epidermal layer of the skin continually hydrating the skin


4. AGELESS total retinol-A creme

A highly concentrated blend of retinol and polypeptides that resurface, visibly rejuvenate and repair the look of aging, pigmentation and acne prone skin.


Why it works – Potent anti-aging properties to rejuvenate and repair aging and all levels of acne-prone skin. Image exclusive peptide blend significantly reduces fine lines for visibly tighter skin.

Shea butter balances skin and helps to retain moisture level.


5. AGELESS total eye lift creme

This renewing eye crème combines the power of glycolic acid and vitamin A to target signs of aging around the eyes. This luxurious formula targets signs of fatigue and aging in the delicate eye area, instantly and over time. It delivers plant stem cells, vitamin C and wrinkle-fighting peptides that work swiftly yet gently to reduce the appearance of fine lines, lax skin and puffiness.


Why it works – Targeted formula helps to minimize signs of aging around the eye area. Glycolic acid and vitamin A help to revitalize the skin’s appearance. A peptide complex helps to reduce the appearance of undereye bags. Enhanced with microalgae extract to help support firm, youthful-looking skin


6. CLEAR CELL clarifying pads

A salicylic/glycolic acid skin pad to effectively remove impurities and excess oil. Deeply clears clogged pores and follicles to leave skin fresh and clean. A blend of antioxidants and calming ingredients reduces acneic blemishes. Excellent for on the road cleansing and after physical activities. Effective home care exfoliation


Why it works

AHA/BHA clarifier gently removes excess surface oil and bacteria while refreshing skin with essential herbal extracts of tea tree, green tea and chamomile to reduce irritation.


As a professional chemical peel

7. Wrinkle Lift Peel

This ultra-resurfacing blend of glycolic acid combined with retinol visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles leaving skin firm and revitalized. Buddleja stem cells reduce irritation and diminish photo-aging, botanical coffee and peppermint energize, while eucalyptus and ylang ylang purify the skin.

Ideal for aging, fine lines, pigmentation and wrinkles


8. Perfection Lift Peel

This distinct blend of exfoliating agents, lactic acid, salicylic acid and resorcinol, work synergistically to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines, correct uneven skin tone, smooth rough texture and reduce acne blemishes. Ideal for advanced aging, pigmentation, acne conditions


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