What are Nootropics – And Do they really Work?

| March 1, 2022

A quick Google search and you’ll discover that nootropics – otherwise known as ‘smart drugs’ – are rising in popularity, but one question we get asked frequently is do these supplements for energy and focus really work?
In short, yes – but it’s vital that you opt for a product that’s safe and has been manufactured responsibly, using only the very best ingredients. Gone are the days of quick, pick-me-up stimulants; modern innovations and technological advances when it comes to neurological products mean that ‘smart pills’ have come a long way. More than just a quick fix for fatigue and flagging concentration levels, these clever little pills can help unleash your mental energy, bolster your creativity, conquer your stress, and even tame anxiety – and naturally so.

But what exactly are Nootropics?
The term ‘nootropic’ comes from the Greek for ‘to bend or shape the mind’ – and that’s exactly what they do; they help to enhance your memory, improve overall cognitive function, and even reduce stress and aid sleep. Nootropics can contain both natural or synthetic ingredients (or a combination of both). Neurologica is committed to using only the highest quality ingredients for optimum brain function.
Which natural ingredients should I look out for?
The brain health supplement you choose is largely dependent on your own, personal needs. If you’re looking for a natural energy boost and to increase your productivity, pick a product that contains Bacopa monnieri (to speed up information processing in the brain), Shilajit (to combat chronic fatigue), or energy-boosting Guarana, among others. For a natural anxiety treatment or to help combat stress, try Rhodiola rosea or L-Theanine, which both have a proven track record when it comes to treating these concerns.
Neurologica’s products have been designed with the knowledge that we all have unique needs, and the range provides you with options to mix and match – catering for your specific situation.
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Take regular breaks and go outside
Make sure that you take regular ‘brain breaks’ and try to get as much fresh air as possible. This will not only help prevent cabin fever, but it will also help keep you awake and alert.
Get brain health support to help you concentrate
Nootropics are gaining recognition worldwide, and with good reason: these brain boosting substances harness the power of natural ingredients to enhance mental focus and flow, while helping you to stay on top of your game as you tackle working from home. They’ve become an increasingly popular way to enhance concentration, improve mental performance, treat anxiety, and even help you get a good night’s sleep. Certain nootropics are also adaptogenic, which means that they calm the nervous system and help your body manage stress.
Nootropics can be taken as and when needed, but since they work best cumulatively it’s likely that you’ll get the most out of them when used consistently on a daily basis.

If you’re battling to focus and would like to better manage your stress – or even if you’d simply like to get a better workout in – you might want to consider adding nootropics to your daily routine.
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How do nootropics work?
Ashwagandha, provide natural anxiety relief and may help those who can’t sleep.
Nootropics can either be taken alone, or combined with other nootropics for enhanced benefits. This is known as stacking. Given the incredible benefits of nootropics, it can be tempting to go all-out and try everything at once, but it’s better to start with a good quality product that has already ‘stacked’ several nootropics for you. Neurologica has a number of products to target specific concerns, and since the nootropics are already stacked for optimum functioning, it reduces the risk of overwhelm (or going overboard!)
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