Celluvac: Restoring Overall Balance

| April 28, 2022

Celluvac first appeared on the scene 10 years ago with a mission of creating a lifestyle wellness brand for women to upgrade their overall wellbeing. Drawing from ancient Chinese medicine principles and modern biohacking techniques, Celluvac focuses on the enhancement of self-care and self-love practices.

Chinese medicine covers a broad range of practices over 2000 years old. Celluvac offers products incorporating some of these principles to help restore overall balance; Lymphatic system (lymph), circulatory system (blood) and chi (energy flow).

Biohacking is a do-it-yourself biology aimed at improving performance, health, and wellbeing through strategic interventions.

Celluvac is a small 4 women team based in Cape Town. Authenticity and efficacy is incredibly important to the foundation of the brand and immense passion is taken into ensuring quality and love makes its way into each customer’s experience. Celluvac is a lifestyle business, and forms an integral part of the co-founders life, so much so they have named their two pets after their top sellers and company ethos, Crystal and Karma.

As they expand and grow, Celluvac continues to support their customers via social media with videos, tips and other useful hacks.

Follow them on instagram/celluvac to keep in the loop. www.celluvac.co.za






About the co-founders:
Defying regular education Melanie formed a strong foundation in e-commerce at a young age. After taking a year off to delve deep into self-discovery, her entrepreneurial path took a major shift and Celluvac re-emerged with a new focus on health and wellness.
Carol brings a lifetime of passion and experience in the alternative health industry. “By incorporating the use of crystals in my therapies, there is a profound enhancement in all the treatments”.
Reflex. Shiatsu. Aromatherapy
Dip. I.A.H.B., I.T.E.C. (Austria)



Important facts about the Crystal range;
• Externally authenticated by GEMLAB SA (100% genuine crystals).
• Ethically mined.
• Biodegradable packaging where possible.
• The crystals are not artificially dyed or treated.
• The crystals are authentic and natural.
• After sales support – videos/direct access to the Celluvac team for any advice/help.


Follow them on instagram/celluvac to keep in the loop. www.celluvac.co.za

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