Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa Magazines – Issue 87

| May 1, 2022

Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa Magazine – Issue 87


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Editor’s Notes: The Natural & Natural Issue

Natural and organic, is a term we incorporate into our daily lifestyle, but an increasing number of consumers expect to find “sustainable”, “environmentally friendly” and “ethical” qualities attached to this label. Natural and organic represent authentic ways as the core values
and commitment not only to human wellbeing, but also to the protection of the environment and biodiversity.
Natural and Organic Living is a lifestyle, which is dedicated to making more informed choices when confronted with decisions that influence your health and the environment. It is a lifestyle that promotes sustainable development and encourages the application of natural methods in work, life and play wherever possible.
Everyone in the wellness industry needs to understand the lessons from the Blue Zones, and Dan Buettner’s work is rapidly changing the ways the world thinks about health, wellness, happiness, prevention, aging and longevity. In the identified Blue Zones 9 Lifestyle Habits are
essential: 1 Move Naturally, 2 Sense of Purpose, 3 Down Shift in Stress, 4 80% Rule “Hara hachi bu”, 5 Dietary Plant Slant, 6.Wine@ 5, 7 Belonging, 8 Loved Ones First, 9 Right Tribe. “This real-world science is far more relatable than dry statistics,” said Susie Ellis, GWS chairman and CEO
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Dr Nadine de Freitas

Managing Editor – Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa, South Africa

083 267 2773


Contents Issue 87

The Nutrition for Healing Initiative Trends 2
Let’s Be the Change 4
The Awakened Life is the Best Life 6
CSpa Aroma Wellness 8
Celluvac: Restoring overall Balance 10
3 Reasons To Switch To Natural And Organic 12
Esse and the ‘Skinimalism’ Trend 14
Top 10 Beauty Trends from My Beauty Luv 16
Banyan Tree Ilha Caldeira – Ribbon of Sustainability 18
How to Capture your Youth with Collagen 22
Discover How Psychedelics Are Poised to Revolutionize the Mental
Wellness Space 24
Pregnancy Massage & the Trimesters 26
Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som opens with Spa Rituals rooted in
Qatari and wider Arabic Culture 28
The Healing Power of Music 30
Wellbeing as One System: Mind, Body and Place 32
Building Social Capital in a Hybrid World 36
Six Senses Laamu Leads the Maldives as Eco-Resort of the Year 38
Collective action amongst Spa and Wellness Operators is needed in
Climate Battle against Water Scarcity 42
Spas Leading Biophilic Design 46
Functional Foods 48
6 Commonly-Believed Myths About Eating for the Environment 50
Smart Tips to Make 2022 Your Healthiest Year Yet 52
How to Make Your Metabolism Work for You, No Matter Your Age 54
Employees are Putting Wellness over Work 56
Walking Mindfulness Activities 58
The Sense of Awe 60
Leaders are Made – RELATIONSHIPS 62
6 Ways Taylor Swift Excels at Content Marketing 64
The Science of Optimism 66
Signature Scents 68


Issue 87 – Advertiser Directory

Clarins: https://www.clarins.co.za

Pevonia: http://www.brisandistributors.co.za/

Thalgo: http://www.thalgo.co.za/

CSpa: http://www.cspa.co.za/

Celluvac: https://www.celluvac.co.za/

MatsiMela Home Spa: https://matsimela.co.za/

Esse Skincare: https://www.esseskincare.com/

My Beauty Luv: https://www.mybeautyluv.com/

NavelWorx: https://www.navelworx.co.za/

TawaLabs: https://www.tawalabs.co.za/

Mio: http://www.blackfrostsa.co.za/

MamaMio: https://www.mamaskincare.co.za/

SA Beauty Distributors: https://www.sabeautydistributors.co.za/

Extracts Collection: https://extractscollection.com/

Salvagente Ozone Therapy: http://www.salvagente.co.za/

DoTERRA Essential Oils / Lezanne Shone: https://www.mydoterra.com/lezanne

TheraNaka: https://www.theranaka.co.za/

Sprezzatura:  https://www.sprezzatura.net.za/

The Organic Shop: https://organicshopsa.com/

Litchi & Titch All Natural: https://www.litchiandtitchnaturals.com

Lulu & Marula: http://www.luluandmarula.com/

Environ Skincare: https://www.environskincare.com/za/

Aromasoothz: https://www.aromasoothz.co.za

Sknlogic: https://sknlogic.com/

Comfort Zone: https://www.facebook.com/Comfort-Zone-SA

My Salon Software: http://www.mysalonsoftware.co.za/

Chi Desk / Spa Guru: https://www.chidesk.com

Africology: https://africologyspa.com/

Team Dr Joseph / Future This: https://futurethis.co.za/


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