Pregnancy Massage & the Trimesters

| May 1, 2022

We want to make sure each Moms’ pregnancy journey is something to look forward to and comforting. We will walk you through each stages of trimesters and the benefits of pregnancy massaging in these stages.

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Pregnancy Massaging in the first Trimester
There are many myths about getting a massage during your first trimester of pregnancy, and many women have been led to believe it isn’t safe to get a massage during this period.
While we always suggest getting your doctor’s advice before booking your prenatal massage, a massage practitioner with prenatal massage experience and education will know how to ensure a safe, relaxing experience for you.
During the first trimester, your symptoms are likely less to do with body pain from carrying your growing baby and more a result of your body adjusting to the influx of powerful hormones. A prenatal massage can help by relieving some of the headaches, constipation, and even the morning sickness you’ve been experiencing during the early phase of your pregnancy.
The first trimester can be a stressful time for some mothers, especially if they haven’t shared their big news with families and friends yet. Aside from the physical benefits of a massage, simply taking the time to relax deeply will do wonders for your overall well-being as you prepare to become a new mother!
Pregnancy Massaging in the second Trimester
Those early pregnancy symptoms are subsiding, and your belly is growing. Many women find the second trimester of pregnancy to be easy going compared to the first and third trimesters.
However, there are still many reasons to begin (or continue) a routine of prenatal massage during the second trimester. As your belly grows, your posture will change as your centre of gravity shifts, resulting in back pain. Prenatal massages can ease those tense back muscles as well as enhance your posture and bodily alignment.
You may also have begun to get out of breath more quickly, even from those frequent short jogs to and from the bathroom. By increasing relaxation and increasing blood flow (and therefore oxygenation of tissues), a prenatal massage will help ensure that your body’s tissues remain healthy and loose. An experienced practitioner can even assist you in the correct breathing techniques that help you relax and feel like you are floating on a cloud!

Pregnancy Massaging in the third Trimester
It’s the final countdown (cue the music). As your due date approaches, those swollen feet and heartburn are kicking in. Not to mention, that baby is getting a bit heavy! You may also find that the anticipation of delivery has increased your stress levels.
This means it is the perfect time for you to book yourself an expertise pregnancy massage.
You’ll find that regular prenatal massages during this trimester can enhance your sleep, reduce pain and swelling, and generally assist in lowering stress as the delivery day draws near. Third trimester massages can even help prepare your pelvic muscles for the birthing process.
Your back will crave more attention in the third trimester! Some women find deep tissue massages especially helpful during the final stretch of pregnancy

How often should I get prenatal massages?
Your massage practitioner will create a specialized treatment plan for you based on your unique needs. Generally during pregnancy, massage every 3-4 weeks will best help to accommodate the quick changes your body is going through.
Many of our mamas choose to do a few bookings a few days apart during their last few weeks!

Please check with your doctor if you suffer from diabetes or high blood pressure or any complications before having a massage. While there may not be research proving that massage can worsen these issues, educated pregnancy massage practitioners will always suggest you consult your medical professional.
Address any questions and concerns you have with your massage practitioner beforehand – they are here to help you!
Final words:
Nobody deserves time-out and pampering more than a mom-under-construction!!
Our advice is, do your research, stick with the specialists, you can, and should, ask questions!
Spoil yourself, You Deserve It!


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