Team ESP Connect will be discussing and fine tuning the Level 4 Responsible Retailing Framework.



Advise your landlords that you will be running an experiment and will be opening for limited retail trade only and that you will not be fully operational as services and treatments are not allowed as yet
It is vital to mitigate their expectations in terms of rent which could be linked to any turnover during this period. As such advise them that you will appreciate that they hold back claiming rental until the situation improves, as this will help your business to survive till level 1 is reached, when we expect to be able to trade.



Ensure you get a list of items that you are allowed to retail from your suppliers.

Essential Services Business Permit

You must have an Essential Services Business Permit for retail supply of Body, Face or Haircare products
Apply here:



Recommended Business Abnormal Health Protocol is that either the owner or the highest protocol qualified staff member that has no underlying health issues and has observed social distancing for the duration of the lock down be present.
Staff must be fully compliant with health and social distancing requirements:
Ensure staff have required travel permits and supporting documentation
Staff to be screened for temperature and symptoms prior to entering the business – wear face masks etc


Ensure that your business is fully compliant with health and social distancing requirements set out by government.
• Staff to wear cloth masks and/or face shields and gloves
• Enough hand sanitiser, min 70% alcohol, must be provided for staff and clients
• Staff to sanitise their hands and all touch points i.e. front desk surfaces and credit card terminals before and after each client
• All products to be sanitised and placed into a bag before being presented to a client
• Clients queuing outside to maintain 2m social distancing via clear and explicit floor markings



Communicate this Business Abnormal Framework Health Protocol to your clients so that that know what to expect before coming into your business
• Clients are required to wear a cloth mask in order to gain entry to the store
• Clients to enter the store and maintain a 2m distance, via floor marking, from the front desk while consulting with the store representative
• Client to stay in place and not move around the store or touch any products or surfaces
• Store representative to fetch, sanitise and package products for the client and prepare sanitised credit card terminal for payment
• Store representative to sanitise the client hands prior to payment via credit card terminal
• Client will step forward to make payment as staff member steps back to maintain safe distance
• Store representative to sanitise the clients hands prior to payment via credit card terminal
• Client exits and the same protocol is followed for the next client


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