Air – Breathing Youth, By David Suzuki

Since the beginning of time, man has searched the world endlessly for the infamous fountain of youth. A secret ingredient, remedy, tincture or concoction that can freeze the hands of time, and perhaps, even reverse them. Regardless of whether or not the fountain of youth exists, it is this optimistic and obsessive pursuit of immortality…

Exfoliation: When is just enough… enough?

by Annet King – Dermalogica (as seen in Aesthetics Professional)   It may be human nature to overdo things. We often seem to act on the axiom, “If some is good, more is better”.  Super-sizing is an especially bad idea when it comes to exfoliation services.     Manufacturers? Skin Therapists?(I don’t think clients know…

Health on the Davos Agenda: What it means for our industry

Bottom line…it is a good time for all of us to be participating in health and wellness conversations around the world – on any and all platforms. Please reach out in your area to be included as a spokesperson. The services and establishments we provide are the best in the world for helping people make positive lifestyle changes – and trumpeting wellness tourism couldn’t be more timely!

The Word Spa

If someone had to say the word ‘spa’ to you, what would be the first few words that would come to mind? Would it be something like ‘treatment’, ‘relax’, ‘wellness’ or ‘massage’? Commonly it would be something along those lines.

HI- Green Hygiene in Spas

Green cleaning involves the use of substances that are safe in the long run and also effective in maintaining the high standards that a spa should subscribe to. See the schedule alongside for ingredients in detergents that should be avoided as far as possible.

Les Nouvelles Esthetiques – Issue 54

In this issue, themed Spa Therapies, we have a unique opportunity to be reminded of the historical and therapeutic value of water. Taking the waters (minerals, saline, sea and fresh water) was the primary source for good health and long life. The earliest civilizations, including Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, Crete and China, all utilized water for religious beliefs and for healing qualities. Ancient Greece and Rome had a spa culture; bathing was about holistic health, hospitality and complete body wellness, resulting in stately public buildings devoted only to bathing. During the sixteenth century.