Global Wellness Day on 11 June 2016

The South African Spa Association joins 74 Countries and 6000 spa properties celebrating Global Wellness Day on 11 June 2016 This year’s theme is “Wellness for Everyone!’’   The South African Spa Association “Says Yes” to Global Wellness Day, a one-day event / awareness campaign celebrating health and wellbeing, taking place this June 11th. Have…

Ageing Gracefully – The Ayurvedic Way

“Ageing Well” is about taking care of my body, so that I can enjoy the next 40 years or so of my life with energy, low stress, vitality, emotional balance, flexible joints, strong muscles and organs that do their job and don’t get sick. I feel so much happier with who I am today than I did 5 years ago, by incorporating healthy lifestyle choices like, daily exercise, yoga, enough sleep, plenty of water, whole foods, daily meditation, seasonal detoxes and supplements.

Celebrity Spas

It is well known that celebrities enjoy the best of the best, and never more so than when they’re pampering themselves. Whether they have endured a long day on set, countless hours of interviews or hours in the make-up room, celebrities believe in the art of indulgence and know exactly where to find it. Most celebrities seek out exclusive, unique holistic experiences tailored to their requirements.

Shaping The Future of the Spa Industry?

In our industry we need to be aware that it is no longer enough to just offer ‘beauty treatments’. We need to be engaged in a holistic approach, one where we are aware of fitness, nutrition, sleep, hydration, anti-ageing and all rounded health. It doesn’t mean we have to be Yogis or offer alternate healing , but we should be able to talk to our clients in an informed manner, about everything but specifically Wellness.


Peptides are multifunctional, results-driven ingredients that address a vast array of concerns. These amino acid sequences control and direct all aspects of cellular function and facilitate intercellular communication. Within skin care, peptides have been shown to treat multiple concerns—from aging to acne to rosacea—and there is a growing interest in peptides in therapeutics.