Save the Date: LNE Spa Conference 2021

Innovate, Invigorate and Elevate your Spa

25 & 26th July 2021
The Houghton Hotel
Lloys Ellis Ave, Houghton Estate, Johannesburg

Creativity is Intelligence having Fun – Albert Einstein

Peruse the top ten business skills forecasted for the future and you’ll find the common thread of Creativity. Emotional intelligence, originality, critical thinking, innovation, and complex problem solving are essential to invigorate and elevate your Spa.


South African Spa Association Members
2 Day Conference & Gala Dinner R 2950.00
2 Day Conference R 2650.00
1 Day Conference R 1550.00
Spa Awards Gala Dinner R 500.00

2 Day Conference & Gala Dinner R 3250.00
2 Day Conference R 2950.00
1 Day Conference R 1850.00
Spa Awards Gala Dinner R 500.00

Included in the spa conference costs: Welcome tea, coffee and juice. Midmorning tea, coffee and snack. Delectable Spa Cuisine Lunch. Notepad, pen and conference catalogue. Spa Conference Goody Bag.

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