Celebrating Valentine’s Day – Love your Spa

| June 8, 2017


Diarise LNE Spa Conference 2020 – 26 & 27th July – The Houghton Hotel, Johannesburg

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Parents love their children, while at times not loving their behaviour. We can love our spouses or partners, while finding certain mannerisms frustrating. Caroline and I love our younger cat a lot, while not enjoying her tendency to chase our older cat as if motivated by jealousy.

Lots of people grow up with the dream of owning their own business, of not working for a boss, of being able to determine levels of earning through direct effort. A great dream to have.

It has been said that passion for work comes naturally when we make our vacation our vocation. When we can make a career of something we love doing.

Becoming a parent, a spouse, a pet owner, an entrepreneur… these are all filled with the promise of eternal love or passion streaming in our hearts, from the moment it becomes the reality. Truth be told it is not so. The romantic view and the reality can be different.

This difference can lead to various results for us. A loss of the passion being one.

Business ownership, as sought after as it is for the benefits it offers, comes with some trials and tribulations. All sorts of things to manage. Customer’s expectations, cash flow pressures, staffing and the related people issues, demands on personal time and energy levels and a wide variety of required skills and abilities – financial, negotiation, business intelligence, supplier relations, CRM, internal controls, communication, marketing, selling, corporate governance, technology, asset management, gearing, taxation, strategic planning etc.

I have heard many friends of mine say they were never really prepared for parenthood. Nobody really spelt it all out for them.

Owning your own Spa. Did you really know what it would mean? Did anybody sit you down and ask the important questions and then help you to gauge your readiness? If nobody did then so be it. That moment is gone. It is however never too late to re-evaluate. The difference when you do re-evaluate with hindsight is that you have an advantage. You do now know. You have direct experience of the good, the bad and the ugly. Nobody can sell you the romantic part only.

Reviving passion. Easy to say – you just need to revive the passion. It can be as easy as just saying it out loud for it to manifest and it can, also, definitely be more of a challenge. It could require a huge amount of reflection, a complete willingness to change where change is needed, a commitment to let go attitudes and approaches that are damaging, an openness to being challenged, and most of all moving past all current victim thoughts. Yes the current economy is tough, yes working with people is a challenge, yes customers can be a pain, yes margins are tight, yes, yes, yes.

There are challenges everywhere but none should be seen as impossible to overcome.

Let’s start this reviving journey somewhere. Let’s look to rekindle the love for our businesses. What better a place than at the upcoming Spa Conference at the Maslow Hotel on the 25 & 26 June 2017.

If I don’t get to see you at the conference, let me leave you with just one thought. Bad news sells newspapers – why? We love the bad news. We love the drama. Stop for just a short while and list your current good, bad and ugly Spa things. If you are anything like so many of the business owners I have worked with over the past 21 years, you may just find that you have lost touch with all the good. You have come to expect the good, you take it for granted. See it, recognize it, appreciate it and celebrate it.

One simple thing to do, not to rekindle passion, but to realise it has always been there. It never left. You just covered it up.



For the past 21 years Louis Gerke has designed and facilitated a variety of Workshops, building strong relationships
with an impressive list of clients. Louis caters for every level of any Organization and maintains a sense of humour
and an element of fun in everything he does.

His deep, sincere approach reveals enormous insight and understanding into a vast spectrum of subjects. His
audiences quickly abandon the expectation of traditional and often short-term ‘high-energy’ talks.

Rather than showcase his own opinion he draws from past experiences and delivers thought provoking messages
that everyone in his audience can relate to and use in both their personal and business lives.

He encourages people to support his belief in ongoing training and development, and proves the power of
Harnessing Collective Talent.

Louis has observed the patterns of success and failure and he shares these insights through his facilitation.

Empowering People, Igniting Teams & Conquering Challenges.


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