Exhibitors and Sponsors – Spa Conference 2012

I would like to thank our exhibitors and sponsors for the support for Spa Conference 2012. It is through your support that events such as this, can take place. I would therefore like to encourage all our conference delegates to take time over the 2 days to discuss your spas requirments with each exhibitor. – Dr Nadine de Freitas (Managing Editor – Les Nouvelles Estehtiques)

OrganicSpa, Luxury through Nature

Founded on the principle of ‘luxury through nature’, OrganicSpa is the ideal brand for the consumer who cares about the environment, animals and their own health. OrganicSpa’s range of face care products are not only of exceptionally high quality, but are also as easy to use.

Dermalogica Masques

Meet dermalogica’s new and improved masques to change the face of your skin care regimen! Its renovation time for Dermalogica! Being at the forefront of innovation, Dermalogica has updated their skin health system masques. The dynamic new botanical ingredients enhance the effectiveness of two Dermalogica Masques – skin refining masque and skin hydrating masque. The…

[comfort zone] Skin Defender Hand Cream

[ comfort zone ] enriched its skin defender range by creating a special cream for hands! The hands represent a very important part of the body which conveys the state, wellness, condition and age of people and is constantly exposed to environmental aggression.   Skin defender hand cream not only cares and protects the hands…

Introducing the Essie Fall 2012

Essie has a brand new bag for Winter 2012. The newest colour collection pays homage to the glorious world of gorgeous handbags, classic sophistication, and a return to lady like glamour. Inspired by the clean lines and simple elegance of post war styles and the colours of handbags, this collection is comprised of classic shades…