Fusion Therapy: The Best of All Worlds

Massage has become so mainstream that some spa-goers are growing tired of the usual 60-minute Swedish or deep-tissue massage. While massage remains the most popular service offered at spas, with facials running a close second, spa goers are searching for more customization, individual attention, entertainment and a genuine exotic flare to their massage experiences. Enter…

Can a Spa Increase a Hotel’s Earnings?

Far from being a simple fashion phenomenon, health and wellness take it’s place as a fundamental part of consumer tendencies of our society today.  All those in the tourism industry have obviously stepped right into the wellness breach.  That also includes the hotel industry, and especially the top-of-the-range market.  There isn’t one hotel today that…

One Way Marketing is Dead!!!

Your database of past and current customers is your businesses greatest asset. If you understand the lifetime value that a client has to your Spa, you will get excited about your database and you will do everything you can to maximise its value. The secret to increasing the average value of a customer is steady and frequent communication. I am sure that you are communicating with your database, but the real question is, “Is your database talking to you?”

The Green Spa

The Green Spa not only promotes all-round wellbeing for guests, but also operates a sustainable business model, relying on and promoting a harmonious relationship with its surrounding landscape and communities. The underlying philosophy is that personal wellness connects with and is interdependent on earth- and community wellness.