Erik Vermeulen the Spa Conference 2013: Employee Behaviour can batter the bottom-line

While most employees are vastly unaware of the company’s strategies and goals, successful companies are often those that effectively link business behaviour to employee behaviour. This allows employees to move away from their own interestsas their primary motivation in the office, while allowing them to feel engaged and giving them a visible goal to work towards, both personally and professionally. In this manner, a purpose driven culture is fostered, minimising conflict and allowing people to work together constructively.

Strategic Planning

Having a vision leads to obvious questions being raised as to how you will achieve that vision and leads to putting a strategic plan into place. Take some time to do the exercise of strategic planning as you will find it very refreshing and will more than likely put some purpose back into all the smaller things in your daily routine that may have lost their meaning along the way. And if you follow through you will substantially increase your chances of making your dreams come true.

The Market Place – The Power of Competition

Competition defines our world

The very basic concept of competition has been practiced and proven effective from the beginning of time. It is how every town, city, state and country have come into existence. It is what makes New York City, London and any other major metropolitan areas what it is. Without competition, our society would not exist. Whether it be competition for land, military control, a championship title or success in business, we are instinctively driven by competition from the day that we are born. Competition actually defines who we are and the environment we live in; it is in fact measurement and incentive.

Les Nouvelles Esthetiques – Issue 53

In this issue. Competition is good. Yes, good! This is how we establish commerce, an industry, a central meeting place, and a vibrant flow of consumers giving us the opportunity to educate them on what makes us viable individual companies. This allows consumers the opportunity to better discern whether or not we are the right match for them. In short, competition is the “marketplace” that our society is built upon. David Suzuki, new contributing writer for Les Nouvelles Esthetiques, shares his insights on the Market Place and how spas can further succeed.


As consumers’ demand for green and sustainable products and services grows, so do the incidents of greenwashing.  These are environmental claims by businesses about their products or services that are misleading, confusing or simply irrelevant.  Members of the public simply no longer trust sustainability related marketing claims.  Many also view promotions which purport to support…

Tax for Commission Earners

If you are using the SARS tax tables each month to determine what tax to deduct from each therapist then you will probably find that they are falling into different tax brackets each month as their commission varies. This seems relatively simple and straight forward, however, this will probably leave the therapist slightly over taxed by the time the tax year is complete.

When you plan the ad, plan for the sale behind it.

When the average Salon Owner creates an ad or a special offer, all they think about is the initial sale and the immediate money generated. Smart, successful and profitable Salon Owners don’t just plan the package, they plan for the sale behind the package. To give you some inspiration and motivation, here is a simple business principle that if applied will help you grow your business and increase your bank balance this month.As you create your special offers for Valentine’s Day, remember the following – “When you plan the ad / promotion / special offer, plan the sales behind it.”

Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Spa Magazine – Issue 51

In this Issue of the Magazine The 8th annual Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Spa Awards hosted by Les Nouvelles Esthetiques South Africa in association with Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Paris, on Sunday the 8 July 2012, in the prestigious MonteCasino Ballroom, Fourways, Johannesburg. The Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Spa Awards Gala Dinner evening was filled with excitement and…

Are you neglecting or nurturing new customers?

If you can get first time customers to come back again, it means that they trust you, they like your services and they want to do business with you. In the beauty industry, if you can get a first time customer to come back a second time you can easily retain him or her for years to come. I am assuming of course that your services are good and your customer communication is even better.